Christmas Pillow Swap

Christmas Pillow Swap

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, delicious food and special times spent with family and loved ones. One thing I especially love is all the fabulous Christmas themed items that people sew and create for gifts and for themselves.

If you are like me, you will have a good sized collection of Christmas fabrics that you have collected over many years. I have used them to make many things such as Christmas dresses for my girls, Santa sacks and mug rugs for Santa’s treats. I also¬†dream of making an advent calendar one year, hopefully it will happen before my girls get too much older. ūüėČ

christmas pillow swap

A¬†Christmas item that I hadn’t made until recently was a Christmas pillow. I followed this tutorial from nanaCompany to make my first one.

christmas pillow swap

Every year, I see lots share on social media wonderful Christmas themed pillow covers they just finished which makes me think of how fabulous it would be to receive one. So, this year I thought I would organise a Christmas Pillow Swap!

Here are the details. I hope you join in the fun!

Christmas Pillow Swap Details:

1. To try and ensure everyone receives their item by Christmas, the posting deadline is 1st December if shipping international and 9th December if domestic.

2. Please make the cushion cover is at least 14×12″ in size. It would be helpful if you could make it the size of a standard cushion insert. I know my local craft stores and homeware stores stock a variety of sizes of cushion inserts.

3. The pillow MUST have a Christmas theme.

4. It is not necessary for you to have an Instagram account to participate. But if you do, please post a mosaic on Instagram to assist your partner with colours and styles that you like. And also try and remember to post progress pics. Use the hashtag #christmaspillowswap2016.

5. This is secret swap.

6. Extra goodies are not required.

7. If you are unable to complete your swap item, please let me know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made for your partner.

8. If you have any further questions, please contact me by email or DM me on IG @monkeymai26.

If you would like to participate in the Christmas Pillow Swap please complete the form below. The sign up deadline is Monday 12th September.

Fabric Basket Swap

Fabric Basket Swap

I love fabric baskets! They have so many uses and best of all, can be made in your favourite fabrics. I mainly use mine to help organise my sewing bits and pieces but you could use them to store toys, stationery, bathroom things, the list is endless. And I love crafty swaps, so I thought I would combine the two together! For those that have registered to participate in the Fabric Basket Swap that I am hosting, here are the details:

  1. This is a secret swap, so please try not to give away who you are making for.
  2. Feel free to post photos of your fabric basket progress on social media, I’m sure we would all love to see what each other is making. I will be using the tag #fabricbastswap2014 on Instagram.
  3. Please have your fabric basket in the mail by Friday, September 5, 2014. You can mail earlier, but please not before August 22 .
  4. You can send small extras with your basket, it is not a requirement though and is totally up to yourself.
  5. Fabric baskets can be as small as 6″ x 6″ x 6″ and as large as 10″ x 10″ x 10″. They can be any shape you like.
  6. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete your fabric basket, please advise me as soon as possible so I can ask for the help of a swap angel. You can email me, send a message via my FB page or on IG.

I used the Nesting Fabric Bowls pattern by Nova from A Cuppa and A Catchup to create the fabric baskets in the above photo. It is an easy pattern to follow and provides the instructions to make 6 different sizes and some variations like adding handles or making the baskets square. Here are some others that I have made.


The two smaller ones at the front I purchased from Piggledee. She makes wonderful items using the sweetest Japanese fabrics. I used the ‘Fabric Bins’ tutorial¬†over at the Birch Fabrics¬†blog¬†to create the fabric basket in the back middle. It is a very easy pattern to follow and sew. I recently purchased the Divided Basket Pattern¬†by noodlehead¬†which I am very excited to try. I am hoping to get a chance to make it over the next couple of days so will post photos when I finish the basket. If you would like some more inspiration for fabric baskets please have a look at my Pinterest board ‘Time for Fabrics’.

Hexie Block Swap

So, another crafty swap that I am currently involved in is a Hexie block swap.

I learnt how to sew hexies last year with the help of a couple of great tutorials. This hexie tutorial from Echinops and Aster and this one from Mommy by day Crafter by night were the most helpful to me.

I am not a great fan of hand-sewing but once I began making hexies, I quickly became addicted to them. I started sewing lots and lots of half inch hexies which I used to make pincushions like these.


After making numerous half inch hexies, I wanted to progress and start a on hexie quilt like so many beautiful ones that I had seen. But I knew it was going to be a very long work in progress! So, a more fun, and probably quicker way to finish one was to join a group swap!

I am participating in a year long swap of diamond block hexies amongst some great ladies that I have met on Facebook. We have set ourselves a target of completing one block a month. Each of us have chosen a particular colour theme for our blocks. My colours are a beautiful combination of orange, aqua, grey and white. Here are just a couple of pics that I found on Pinterest to use as my inspiration.

Orange and aqua Grey and Coral

Here are the three blocks that I have received so far.

blockswapblogI haven’t quite figured out how I am going to combine the blocks for a quilt but this is definitely a wonderful, motivating and interactive way to make one.

And these are the blocks that I have made for monthly partners so far.

myhexieblocksI love random hexies pieced together so am using a different fabric for every hexie in my blocks unless my partner specifies a certain pattern.

I have started making hexies for another quilt using another favourite colour combination of mine, red and navy. I have no doubt that this one will take me quite a while to complete…