Hexie Block Swap

So, another crafty swap that I am currently involved in is a Hexie block swap.

I learnt how to sew hexies last year with the help of a couple of great tutorials. This hexie tutorial from Echinops and Aster and this one from Mommy by day Crafter by night were the most helpful to me.

I am not a great fan of hand-sewing but once I began making hexies, I quickly became addicted to them. I started sewing lots and lots of half inch hexies which I used to make pincushions like these.


After making numerous half inch hexies, I wanted to progress and start a on hexie quilt like so many beautiful ones that I had seen. But I knew it was going to be a very long work in progress! So, a more fun, and probably quicker way to finish one was to join a group swap!

I am participating in a year long swap of diamond block hexies amongst some great ladies that I have met on Facebook. We have set ourselves a target of completing one block a month. Each of us have chosen a particular colour theme for our blocks. My colours are a beautiful combination of orange, aqua, grey and white. Here are just a couple of pics that I found on Pinterest to use as my inspiration.

Orange and aqua Grey and Coral

Here are the three blocks that I have received so far.

blockswapblogI haven’t quite figured out how I am going to combine the blocks for a quilt but this is definitely a wonderful, motivating and interactive way to make one.

And these are the blocks that I have made for monthly partners so far.

myhexieblocksI love random hexies pieced together so am using a different fabric for every hexie in my blocks unless my partner specifies a certain pattern.

I have started making hexies for another quilt using another favourite colour combination of mine, red and navy. I have no doubt that this one will take me quite a while to complete…

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